Projeto de Aniversário

Por diversas razões, o nosso projeto de aniversário da Emma sofreu algumas modificações e em vez de um vídeo, iremos publicar aqui as diversas participações que recebemos. Obrigada a todos!

Marta, Portugal

Eu comecei a reconhecer a Emma como Hermione. Com esta mensagem queria desejar a um dos meus ídolos um Feliz 25º Aniversário! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA!

Sayandip Dutta

I wntd 2 write smthng xceptionl,so tht u may rply/remembr,bt alas!Limits evrywhr.HBD.I luv u,I rspct u,I wish u 2 suxeed in evry chlnge u tk

Chloé Bloas, França

Joyeux anniversaire ma Emma ♥☻
Tu es la plus magnifique au monde ! ♥ La plus PARFAITE ♥ Je t’aime depuis toujours ♥ La meilleure de toutes ♥ Je t’aime ♥♥♥♥♥♥…

José Miguel Lopes Pereira, Portugal

HI EMMAAAA, i need to tell you that i love you ! You were absolutely perfect in the Harry Potter movies and i am sure that you will have many more roles in unforgettable movies !
I think you are an inspiration and an exemple to follow, because you did and conquer things with your strength and never giving up !
And you are not just an incredible actress, beyond that, you are a great activist, model, and an incredible person !
For me you’re perfect: you’re gorgeous, very intelligent, funny, love your laugh (it is contagious ahahah), always kind, honest and generous !
I’m proud to say that i consider you as my hero and that i’m a feminist !

Juliana Maia, Portugal

Happy Birthday Emma! I want to wish you a wonderful day, you are a true inspiration. Much love!

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